“Shamballa” armbånd i rundslipt design med røde Rhinstener.

Kvikker opp antrekket, og er også et populært Julearmbånd

Regulerbart med Macrame tråd og vil passe de fleste.

The red Shamballa bracelet stands for passion, emotion and motivation. Wearing the red bracelet increases feelings of security and pushes back anxiety and fear, helping you strive forward without apprehension. If you are lacking enthusiasm or interest in any areas of your life, the red Shamballa bracelet is for you. Stoking the fires within, it digs deep inside of you, bringing out your inner hunger and enthusiasm. It is also associated with boldness and bravery making it the perfect tool for someone who is introverted or suffering from shyness. Encouraging the user to overcome inhibitions by increasing courage and openness.


Armbånd "Shamballa "

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Armbånd "Shamballa "

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