Flott hvitt “Shamballa” armbånd med  sølvfargede krystallkuler

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With the white Shamballa bracelet comes light and purity. It brings clarity, peace and happiness to the wearer. Increasing the flow of life-force and aiding in healing of the physical and mental body. Wearing a white Shamballa bracelet is said to encourage openness and kindness, making it the perfect colour to wear if you are embarking on a new beginning, whether that is traveling to far off places or a journey from within. The white Shamballa bracelet brings enthusiasm, inspiration and spiritual guidance. When worn it is said to connect us to the goddess of nature, leaving you open and able to bond with the spirit world. They are also a wonderful tool to help clear your thoughts for use when meditating.



Armbånd " Shamballa"

kr 275.00

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Armbånd " Shamballa"

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